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The small historic town of Novigrad is situated on the west coast of Istria, on the Tarski Lagoon, where the Mirna River flows into the sea. The road to Novigrad from Poreć leads along the lagoon along a dike, through which waves overflow during bad weather.

The town has nice beaches and warm sea. It is true that not so many tourists come here, as to Poreć, Rovinj or Pula, but still crowded in summer.


The most common commute to Novigrad is from Umag (towards the center of ul. J.B. Aunt) or Poreća (towards the center of ul. Mirna River). Another route is from Buje (Homeland Victims Street). All three meet at the intersection, next to which is a large and modern bus station (the. Murvi 15, next to ul. J.B. Aunt, tel.052/ 757660). Buses from Novigrad run to Umag, Poreč and Buje (a few a day), and also to Pula and Rovinj.

Orientation and information

The Old Town occupies a small triangular peninsula. From the bus station to the center (on the Great Square) runs ul. Murvi, passing into ul. City gates. Turning from ul. Gradskih vrata to the right, w ul. Passage of Venice, after several dozen meters you reach a small bay-marina – branches of a large harbor bay. Along the marina runs ul. Mandrać – there are several restaurants with terraces, and sailboats are moored at the quay, fishing and pleasure boats. Nearby, near the Imre Benećic Park there is the starting stop of the tourist train, which runs along the waterfront, reaching, among others. for campsites Karpinjan, Pineta i Mareda.

Several hotels, Emonia, Cittar i Rotonda, is located in the old town, Another, Maestrala and Laguny, you should look for on the right side of ul. Mirna River, leading towards Poreć. Towards Baia Bianca and Kastanjija campsites there is ul. J.B. Aunt, and then ul. Chestnuts, and to campsites Mareda and Kariga-dor – the. J.B. Aunt.

You can even swim in the sea in the old part of the city, next to the Rotonda hotel at ul. Rivarelia (access from ul. City Gate st. Round), as well as at the coastal hotels Maestral and Laguna.

The tourist information office is located at ul. Porporella 1 (Tourist Board; tel./fax 052/757075,; in summer 8.00 am - 8.00 pm, winter 8.00-15.00, sb. 8.00-13.00, nd. 8.00-10.00).

Novigrad on the Internet: www.istra. com / novigrad.


Most hotels in Novigrad are built in or near the city center. The campsites are located outside the city, on the coast extending to the northwest, towards Umag. In the hotels described below, the price includes breakfast.

An unusual place to stay is the lighthouse halfway between Novigrad and Porec. Places (for 8 people) booking with Penul travel agency from Split (the. Kopilica 5, tel.021/490496, fax 339060,, or (Slavonska Avenue 26/9, tel.01/2415600, fax 2452909,


Hotel Maestral (Terre, tel.052/757557, fax 757462, 710 places; restaurant, swimming pool, bathing area. 56—64 € / os. in a double room.

Hotel Laguna (Terre, tel.052/757050, fax 757026, marketing @ laguna-novigrad. hr). 440 places; restaurant, swimming pool, bathing area. 47—56 € / os. in a double room.

Hotel Cittar (Venetian passage 1, tel.052/757737, fax 757340, In the old town; 36 places; restaurant, bathing area. 40—50 € / os. in a double room.

Hotel Emonia (Mandrać, tel.052/757160, fax 757314, At the waterfront; 50 places; restaurant. 30—35 € / os. in a double room.


Kemping Mareda (the. Swedish, tel.052/ 735291, fax 735035, camping@ 1 IV — 30 IX; 2000 places. 5.10 € / os., 2,90 € / child, 5 € / tent, car, Caravan, 5,50—8.90 € / parcel, 2,20 € / electricity connection.

Sirena camping (the. Swedish, tel.052/ 757159, fax 735035, 1 IV-30 IX; 1800 places. 5.10 € / os., 2,90 € / child, 5 € / tent, car, Caravan, 5,50-8,90 € / parcel, 2,20 € / electricity connection.

Kemping Baia Bianca (Kostania, tel.052/ 758616, fax 758616, 10 IV — 30 IX; 450 places. 4,50 € / os., 2,50 € / child, 5—6.50 € / tent, car, Caravan, 6,50 € / parcel, 2 € / electricity connection.

Apartments and private accommodation

Feast (the. Murvi 5, tel./fax 052/758010, 35—40 € / apartament 2-os., 52—59 € / apartament 4-os.

Novigradski Dom (at the bus station, the. Murvi 15. tel./fax 052/757042). 23-28 € / double room, 26-34 € / apartament 2-os., 42—52 € / apartament 4-os.

Rakam Trade (the. Mill 5, tel./fax 052/ 726120, 22—24 € / double room, 33—39 € / apartament 2-os., 55—61 € / apartament 4-os.


Most restaurants and cafes are in the old town.

Waiter (the. sv. Antuna 2; in the season Mon-Sun. 12.00-15.00 i 18.00-23.00). Tasty fish dishes, dishes with truffles.

Mandranie restaurant (the. Mandrać 6; during the season every day. 10.00—24.00). Quite a lot of premises at the waterfront. Under the pergola or on the terrace you can dine too 35-100 kn, grilled meat and fish. There's an ice cream shop next door.

Sidro Restaurant (the. Mandrać 5; during the season every day. 11.00-23.00). A restaurant with a garden at the waterfront, offers various types of spaghetti, e.g.. with seafood, and a variety of grilled fish.

Tavern Damir and Ornella (the. Walls 5; wt.-nd. 12.00-15.00 i 18.30-23.00). A small place close to the waterfront; you can try here, among others. raw prawns.

Tavern-tavern Aquarius (at the quay, near ul. Vielika). Tables right by the sea.

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