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The townspeople used to make a living from fishing, trade and agriculture. Orchards and vineyards are still cultivated in the area, but today Umag lives mainly from tourism. There are beaches along the coast, hotels and campsites. Italian is often heard here, and not only because of tourists – from 2001 r. he is the second in Istria, next to Croatian, official language.


The town is more or less 20 km from Buje and the E751 road, that is the Adriatic Highway. Large modern bus station (tel.052/741817) is located at the intersection of Kolodvorska streets, Bujska (it enters the city from the side of Buje), J. Rakovca (leads towards the old town) and drugs to Novigrad. You can reach here by buses, among others. to Buje and Novigrad (a few a day), Poreč (do 6 daily), Rovinj (do 5 daily), Puli (4 daily). They run to Pazin in high season 2 buses a day.

Orientation and information

The old town occupies a small peninsula, closing the harbor bay. From the bus station and the entrance to the city there is ul. J. Rakovca, passing into ul. D. Alighieri. On the north side of the old town, a seaside promenade runs by the port bay (Obala J.B. Aunt). From Marija and Lina Square it is called Nova Obala. A wheeled tourist train starts from here, which can be reached along the coast almost to Savudrija (route: Nova Obala-Setaliśte Vladimir Gortana around the harbor bay - Jadranska street - city bathing beach in the bay - hotel Aurora-Wybrzeże near the Sol Polynesia estate). On the promenade (New Coast) and they work in the immediate vicinity: Pharmacy, bank, post office, tourist offices and shops.

Opposite the old town, on the other side of the harbor bay you can see the marina, one of the largest in Croatia. The municipal swimming pool is located at ul. Savudrijskiej, almost in front of the Stella Maris campsite, next to the funicular route. Apart from it, you can swim in the hotels and near the marina. For several years, the city has had the European Blue Flag certificate, awarded for clean sea and beach ( for a year 2004).

In the old town, at Obala J.B. Aunt 3/2 there is a tourist information (Umag Tourist Board; tel.052/741363, fax 741649,; 8.00- 20.00,off season 8.00-15.00).

Umag on the Internet:,


Most of the hotels, campsites and tourist estates were built behind the marina (Access via ul. Adriatic) and along the coast, towards Savudrija (the. Savudrija). In the hotels described below, the price includes breakfast.


Hotel Sol Koralj (Katoro, tel.052/701000, fax 701999, 521 places; restaurant, swimming pool, bathing area. 76-83 € / os. in a double room.

Hotel Sol Aurora (Katoro, tel.052/717000, fax 717999, hotel.aurora@istraturist. hr). By the sea; 715 places; restaurant. 74—82 € / os. in a double room.

Hotel Kristal (Obala j.B. Aunt 9, tel.052/ 700000, fax 700399, In the old town; 155 places; restaurant, swimming pool, bathing area. 63—82 € / os. in a double room.

Hotel Sol Umag (Punta, the. Jadranska, tel.052/711000, fax 714999, hotel. 563 places; restaurant, swimming pool, bathing area. 60—73 € / os. in a double room.

Hotel Sipar (Punta, the. Jadranska, tel.052/ 741233, fax 741233, hotel. By the sea; 332 places; restaurant, swimming pool. 50—55 € / os. in a double room.

Hotel Istra (Katoro, tel.052/741287, fax 741185, By the sea; 228 place; restaurant. 33—40 € / os. in a double room.

Hotel Adrlatic (Punta, the. Jadranska, tel.052/741644, fax 741470, 264 places; restaurant, bathing area. 32—39 € / os. in a double room.


Kemping Stella Maris (the. Savudrija, tel.052/710900, fax 710909, 24 IV — 30 IX; 1500 places. 4,60 € / os., 2,55 € / child, 8,60-9 € / plot with electricity connection.

Camping Finida (Saint John 55a, tel.052/756296, fax 759295, 24 IV — 30 IX; 1000 places. 3,90 € / os., 2,30 € / child, 5,90 € / parcel, 2,20 € / electricity connection.

Kemping Ladin Gaj (Karigador, tel.052/ 725040, fax 725053, 24 IV — 30 IX; 5000 places. 4,50 € / os. (children to 12 years free), 7,10-10,10 € / plot with electricity connection.

Apartments and private accommodation

Tourist settlement of Sol Polynesia (Katoro, tel.052/718000, fax 718999, 2144 places; restaurant, swimming pool, bathing area. 82-105 € / apartament 3-os., 115-126 € / apartament 4-os., 123-135 € / apartment 6-os.

Tourist settlement Sol Stella Maris (Savudrija road, tel.052/710000, fax 710999, sol-stella.maris@istraturist. hr). 2436 places; restaurant, swimming pool, bathing area. 112-123 € / apartament 2-os., 104—114 € / apartament 3-os., 118-160 € / apartament 4-os., 186-205 € / apartment 6-os.

Kanegra bungalows (Savudrija road, tel.052/732186, fax 732212, 1119 places; restaurant, bathing area. 95-104 € / apartament 4-os., 107—117 € / apartament 5-os., 120— 132 € / apartment 6-os.

Some travel agencies booking accommodation:

Atlas (Freedom Square 3, tel.052/741779, fax 720504, 36—40 € / apartament 2-os., 46—54 € / apartament 4-os.

Travel Compass (the. Commercial 13, tel.052/ 741613, fax 741388, 43-48 € / apartament 2-os., 62—70 € / apartament 4-os., 82-92 € / apartment 6-os.

Laumar (Zambratija, near the church at ul. Savudrijskiej, tel.052/759412, fax 759602, 25—30 € / double room, 40—48 € / apartament 2-os., 50-62 € / apartament 4-os.

Guidepost (the. Commercial 1, tel.052/741844, fax 741805, 20-26 € / double room, 33-46 € / apartament 2-os., 46—65 € / apartament 4-os.


At the tourist information office you can get a map of the city and the coast, where most of the eateries are marked. There are almost them 100 - more, than you can visit during your longest vacation.

Ma-Ni Restaurant (the. M. Bemba 3; 11.00-23.00). In an elegant restaurant with a fireplace they serve, among others. fishes and seafood; expensive.

Allegro Restaurant (at the Kristal Hotel, Obala J.B. Aunt; 12.00-24.00). Delicacies of the local cuisine; expensive.

Fast food Europa (Freedom Square 1; 7.00-2.00).Pizza, chips, salads etc.. right in the center of the old town.

Buffet Ućka (Maria and Line Square 2; 7.30- 24.00). Fishes, seafood and meat dishes, also served on the terrace. Tavern Buśćina (Buścina settlement 18, near the village of Marija na Karasu to the east. from Umag, tel.052/732088; pn., -r.-nd. 12.00-24.00). Original "truffle" restaurant. You can eat here, for example. spaghetti z truflami; also meat and fish dishes.

Grill Spaghetteria Monte (Top, on the road to Novigrad; 10.00-24.00). Pasta (from 23 kn) and roast meats (30 kn); terrace.

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