VARAZDINSKE TOPLICE – Spa (2 thousand. residents; 230 m n.p.m.) it is situated in a very picturesque area, among the green hills resembling the landscapes of Central America. It is probably the oldest resort in the country – sulfur springs with a temperature of almost 60 ° C already attracted the ancient Romans at the beginning of our era. There are five thermal pools in Varazdinskie Toplice (ok. 30 kn / day), of which three in a closed room (treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, respiratory and digestive systems, rheumatism).

In the center, there is a 17th-century castle on the hill (Old Town), where the museum was organized (tel.042/633339; wt. and Thurs.. 9.00-14.00 i 16.00-18.00, Wed, pt. i sb. 9.00-13.00, nd. 10.30—13.00). Next to it is the church of St.. Martin (church of st. Martina) with a nice baroque interior.

The local tourist information office (Freedom Square 16, tel.042/ 633133, hrvoje.potrebica@vz.htnet. hr; pn.-pt. 8.00-15.00) mediates in booking cheap accommodation in private accommodation. It is much more expensive in the large hotel complex Minewa (Freedom Square 1, tel.042/ 630438, fax 630826,; 480 places, medical and sports facilities; 27—40 € / os., breakfast and use of the swimming pool included in the price; discounts for children) and at the Tonimir hotel (the. King Tomislav 1, tel.042/633504, fax 633504; 20 places in double rooms; restaurant; 19 € / os. in a double room).

The spa is easily accessible from Varazdin by bus (8-10 daily).

To the east of Varazdin

Who has some free time, maybe a trip to the town of Ludbreg, 26 km east of Varazdin. It is not very interesting, but the curiosity is this, that the inhabitants recognized it as the center of the world. This is indicated by the colorful mosaic on the market, in the center of which there is a metal plate with the inscription Ludbreg – world center.

More than 20 km further to the east lies Koprivnica, known for the Podravka plant producing the famous vegeta spice. Available all over Croatia, PAN beer comes from a local brewery. There are not many monuments in Koprivnica, there is, however, a huge market - one of the largest in the country. 25 km southeast of Koprivnica lies Djurdjevac, and a few kilometers east of it – natural phenomenon Djurdjvecki peski – 20 ha of sand dunes known as the Croatian Sahara (Nature Reserve).

Not far south-east of Varaźdinskie Toplice (in a straight line, because you have to travel a lot) Mount Kalnik rises (643 m n.p.m.). On its rocky wall hang almost the ruins of a medieval castle, there is also the biblical vrt mira – a gallery of wooden religious sculptures.

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