Is it worth going to Croatia??

Is it worth going to Croatia??

For decades, Poles have traveled to the countries of Yugoslavia as if they were to a holiday paradise, for many, it was a holiday on the Adriatic that was a foretaste of the West, which is available only to a few.

Croatia's beaches, lifestyle, Fun and holiday carefree were a dream back then. Now even you, who are going there for the first time, they go to places described by their parents and viewed in black and white photographs from the family album. There are few places in the world, where are the mountains, Forests, lakes and the sea are such a harmonious combination.

We have the right to feel at home there. After all, the ancestors of today's Serbs and Croats set off to the Balkans one and a half thousand years ago from the territory of today's Poland.

Similar behavior, familiar-sounding language, Slavic hospitality and openness.

The turquoise surface of the sea, palm trees, Sun. Riviera.

Today, cafe umbrellas are opening up almost everywhere, the shadow of the recent war is fading faster and faster. As always, the practical guide tries to discover all the most interesting places. Show charming cafes, cheap restaurants with excellent Balkan delicacies, provide convenient transport links and discover the best inexpensive accommodation.

However, it should be remembered, that all countries covered in this volume (even the most stable Slovenia and Croatia) they are constantly undergoing a turbulent change, everything there is happening overnight, every now and then new attractive tourist points open up, price lists are subject to change.

Telephone numbers provided, ticket prices, departure times of buses and ferries may also have changed slightly – you can't control everything, especially in such rapidly evolving countries.

Even though some museums and cultural monuments may not yet be open to the public, we hope, that most of the galleries at that time, when this guide arrives at you, will be open now.

We recommend visiting the Roman palace of Emperor Diocletian in Split, a work of ancient Rome in the form of Syria, Vespasian's amphitheater in Pula, the rotunda of St.. Donata in Zadar. The tiny island of Sveti Stefan, attached to the Montenegrin Budva, is also delightful, where movie stars rested years ago: Sophia Loren, Sylvester Stallone. In the mountains, emerging here straight from the pebble beaches, a small mountain village of Cetynia is hiding with a dozen embassies of empires that do not exist today, a nostalgic echo of the Kingdom of Monte Negro. Venetian lions, symbol of the omnipotent Serene Republic, who spread her wings here too, they appear on the defensive walls of Budva, in the palaces of Kotor hidden in the fjords and guarding the impressive Venetian fortress of today's Croatian Dubrovnik.

The local people from here always bursting with the joy of life, friendship and cheerfulness. History never spoiled them. Let's hope so, that's all, what terrible happened in this great one, a sunny land is only a thing of the past.

It is worth coming here for a vacation.

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