Island Mljet


Mljet National Park, created in 1960 r., on the west side it covers one third of the green area of ​​the island of Mljet, situated between Korcula and Dubrovnik. There are two lakes with salt water in the park, surrounded by pine slopes. Most tourists come here for a day trip from Korcula, but you can also come by ferry and spend a few days. Who will choose it, he will have the island almost all to himself.


Cruise ships from Korcula land at the Pomena marina on the western tip of the island, where the board with the map of the island is located.


You go from Pomena 15 min to the marina on Veliko Jezero (biggest). Here, tour groups board a ship that goes to a small island in the lake, where you can dine in the 12th century Benedictine monastery, currently converted into a hotel.

There, who do not want to spend the afternoon swimming and sunbathing on the monastic island, they can take the boat back to the main island, walk for a few hours along the shores of the lake, and then return to Korcula in the late afternoon. There is a small marina in front of the monastery, where the ship can drop passengers on request. It is impossible to walk around the lake, because there is no bridge over the canal, connecting the lake with the sea.

Organized trips

Atlas tourist agency (tel.711060) in Korcula organizes day trips to the island of Mljet 2 times a week from mid-April to mid-October. The tour lasts from 8.30-18.00 and costs 33 $ from person, including admission to the park (6 $). It takes a trip by boat from Korcula to Pomena 2 at. The price of the tour does not include lunch at the hotel on the island of Mljet, and that it is expensive there, better take your provisions with you.


Private accommodation is available for rent in Sobra, in the northern part of the island, about 14 km east of Pomeny. The second option is to take a bus to Pomena, where the Sikjeńca Autokamp is located.


You can get to the island of Mljet on your own by the normal ferry from Dubrovnik to Sobra, (codz. except n / a, 7 $). Mljet is a good destination for bike lovers, which you can easily rent at the hotel.

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