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Krk is the largest island in Croatia (pow. 409 km2). The east coast is devoid of vegetation due to the winds blowing from the continent, and the areas on the western side of the island, especially around the town of Krk, they have more greenery. W 1989 r. the island is connected to the mainland by the world's largest concrete arch bridge – its span is as high as 390 m. This caused a rapid development of the industry – an airport and several industrial plants were built in the north of the island, while large hotels were built in its southern part. However, the largest city of Krk is very picturesque and has a rich history. The beautifully situated Baska is the oldest center of writing in the national language – this is where the so-called Glagolitic script comes from. Baśćanska Ploća.

The Illyrians were the oldest inhabitants of the island, a w I w. p.n.e. The Romans founded the settlement of Curicum here. W VI w. neither. The Slavs took control of the island, displacing the existing inhabitants. From the 12th to the 19th centuries, the island of Krk was under Venetian sovereignty.

The city of Krk and the surrounding area enjoyed almost complete autonomy under the rule of the princes of the famous Croatian family of Frankopan. Then the sovereignty over the island was taken over by Austria-Hungary and only by the Rapallo treaty 1920 r. admitted Krk Croatia.

Orientation and information

The bus from Baśka and Rijeka stops at the marina, a few minutes walk from the old part of the town of Krk. There is no left luggage office at the bus station. Area code to Krk: 051.


Frankopolitan castle from the 14th century. and lovely, Romanesque cathedral from the 12th century. are located in the lower town, next to the marina. Noteworthy is the 3-nave Romanesque basilica of St.. Kvirina z X-XI w. and the church of Gospe od Zdravlja from the 12th century. It is worth delving into the narrow streets of Krk, which hide, among other things, many beautiful patrician houses.


Camping – They are located near the city 3 camping. Najbliższy to Autocamp Jezevac (tel.221081), located by the sea, 10 min walk southwest of the city. Rocky ground makes, that driving the tent tracks into the ground is almost impossible, but there are many stones, to which links can be attached. There is plenty of shade on the campsite and a few spots, where you can swim. Camping Bor is situated on a hill, inland. Camp Politin FKK (tel.221351) is a naturist campsite, located southeast of Krk, right behind big hotels.

Other campsites on the island (apart from those in Baśka, listed further) are located in the following towns: Njivice – kemping Njivice (tel.846168); Malińska – kempingi Draga (tel.859555), There is (tel.859113), Glavotok (tel.227240), Malińska (tel.859121); Punat – kempingi pila (tel.854020), Olive grove (tel.854515) and the nudist Knnobe (tel.854036); Silo – kemping Tiha (tel.852170).

Hostels – From mid-June to September, you can stay at the Ljetovaliśte Feńalnog Saveza youth hostel (tel.854037) in Punat, between Krk and Baśka. All buses going to Baśka stop in Punat.

Private accommodation – Kvarner Express Office, located in the port, offers private accommodation after 19 $ for double rooms with 30% supplement, if the stay is shorter than 4 days. Similar rooms can be booked at the tourist agency at the bus station or at Adriatours in the old town.


Ok. 13 buses run daily between Rijeka and the city of Krk (56 km, 1,5 at), which 7 continues to Baśka (20 km, 1 at). One of the buses from Rijeka starts and ends in Zagreb (229 km). From Krk you can get to Lośinj, but you have to change trains in Malińska and check the connections carefully (are only 1-2 good day).


Pate, situated on the southern tip of the island of Krk, is a popular holiday destination with long na 2 lap rocky beach. Picturesquely situated at the foot of a high mountain range, can successfully compete with Krk, it is also an excellent starting point for hiking in the area. The best viewpoint in the town is the Sveti Ivan chapel on the hill.

Orientation and information

The bus from Krk stops at the edge of the old town, between the beach and the bay. Tourist information office (tel.856971) is located at Zvonimirova 114, near the stop.


Camping – They are in Baśka 2 camping. Camping Zablaće (tel.856909, open from May to September), it is located on the beach and can be seen from the bus station (look southwest there, where the rows of trailers stand), but when it rains it turns into a lake.

A better place is FKK Camp Bunculuka (tel.856806, from V to IX), a naturist campsite located behind the hill, east of the bay (15 min walk). The campsite is located close to the town, in a quiet, shaded place.

Private accommodation – People who rent rooms in Baśka probably don't want to, for the tourist to sleep alone. Both in agencies, As in houses with a sign, it is almost impossible to find a single room. Most owners do not rent rooms for one night either, sending tourists back to the hotel. So many German and Austrian vacationers come to BaĘka, that hosts can afford to dictate terms and inflate prices.

All agencies charge the same fees for renting accommodation and offer almost exclusively expensive rooms of the 1st category and only a few 2nd and 3rd categories. You have to pay for a double room at least 28 $ (plus 20% when staying shorter than 4 days). Additionally, a tourist tax is paid in the amount of 1,30 $ per person per day.

You can search for private accommodation through the tourist information office at ul. Zvonimira 114 departing from the bus station. The Amplus Agency is located next to the Rijećka Banka building, and the Kompas agency at the nearby Corinthia Hotel.

Small Hotels, Modest rooms without bathrooms are offered by Velebit and Baśka hotels on the main beach, in price 18 $ i 29 $ for one room- and double, with breakfast included in the price (more expensive in the summer, open VI-half IX). Reservations must be made at the reception of the nearby Corinthia Hotel (tel.856824), which also serves breakfast. You have to insist on it, that you want to stay in cheap rooms in the hotels next door, because receptionists will try to put you in the much more expensive main Corinthia hotel.


There is a ferry from Baśka to Lopar on the island of Rab 3-4 times a day (VI-poł.IX, 6 $). For the remainder of the year, you, who are going further south, they must first go back to Rijeka. The ferry to Lopar departs from the marina, to which you have to walk less than a kilometer through the old town, heading south-east.

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