Samobor – Town (15 thousand. residents) is located approx. 20 km west of the center of Zagreb, in the vicinity of forested mountains. It is famous for the production of mustard and bermet alcoholic drink based on old recipes, and for that, that in 1833 r. Ferdo Livadić composed here the national song of the Croatians Joś Hrvatska nij 'propala, similar to the Polish anthem.
To the city more or less what 30 minutes from local buses from Zagreb station. The stop in Samobor is at ul. Smidheva, a few minutes walk from the market square.

Orientation and information

The center is marked by a large Trg kralja Tomislav with uneven shapes. All attractions are concentrated in the immediate vicinity. Turistićka zajednica operates at the square (King Tomislav Square 5, tel.01/3360044, tel./fax 3360050; in the season Mon-Fri. 8.00-19.00, sb. 9.00-19.00, nd. 10.00- 19.00). The café Livadić is located nearby (next to the hotel, King Tomislav Square 1; 8.00-24.00).
Samobor on the Internet:


Hotel Livadić (King Tomislav Square 1, tel.01/3365850, fax 332588, 20 places; restaurant. 30-35 € / os. in a double room. (with breakfast).

Hotel Lavica (Livadićeva 5, tel.01/3368000, 40 places; restaurant. 20 € / os. in a double room. (with breakfast).


The Baroque Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary towers over the square (church of st. Mary) with an asymmetrically attached tower, erected in 1722 r. for the needs of the local Franciscan monastery. In the middle there are two rows of side chapels and intricate stained glass windows in the presbytery. The market is clearly visible from the entrance.

The museum is very interesting (the. Livadićeva 7, tel / fax 01/3361014; wt.—pt. 9.00-15.00, sb. i nd. 9.00- 13.00), located in the historic park Livadićev dvor from the 17th century., where Joś Hrvatska was founded… Inside, you can see the study of the composer Ferdo Livadić, mock-up of the city from 1764 r. and the castle of 1776 r.

Ostrc Massif

The green hills around Samobór are almost less than tall 800 m n.p.m. and are perfect for hiking. Three peaks are a popular target: Osc, Japetić and Pleśica, south of the city. A good starting point is the Soićeua kuća shelter, where the trail leads to the ruins of Lipovec Castle. The ruins of the Okić Castle are also worth visiting, protruding picturesquely on a wooded hill, a few kilometers south of the city. North-west of Samobor, in the vicinity of the village of Otruśevac there is a small cave called Grgosova spilja, discovered in 1973 r. by Josip Grgos. There is a nature trail nearby. Going on a trip, you can use the hiking trails:

Samobor-Grgos Cave (1 at. 15 min one way). A marked route to the cave begins at the market square in Samobor. First you have to follow the Strażnićkom Street to the asphalt road leading to the village of Vrhovćak, and after leaving the city - along the trail to the Mala Jazbina settlement and to the cave. Not much (ok. 30 m in length) Grgosova sleeping area is electrified, and the desire to visit it should be reported to the nearby restaurant Śpilja (tel.01/3375888). You can also enter the educational trail next to the cave (educational trail Otruśevec).

Rude-Veliki dol-Ośtrc-Rude (2-3 at). From Rude (ok. 7 km from Samobor, on the road to Karlovac) you can go to the top of Ośtrc (752 m n.p.m.). From Rude, the trail leads to the Veliki doi refuge (less than an hour. on foot from Rude), and then to the Żeljeznićar shelter in Oświęcim (next 30 min on foot), located near the top (10—15 minutes on foot). To go back, at the shelter in Ostriec, turn right onto Rude (on the left goes to Veliki doi). The trail ends next to the Church of St.. Barbara in Rude.

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