Varazdin – The most baroque Croatian city (ok. 50 thousand. residents) it is situated in the northern part of Croatia, ok. 80 km from Zagreb. During the Roman times there was a settlement of Garestine here. In the second half of the 18th century. the city was through 20 years the capital of Croatia (1756-1776). Varazdin today, mainly a communication hub and an industrial center, it boasts a very nice old town, which few tourists visit.


Buses connect the city with the entire country. You can get to Zagreb approximately every hour, there are also connections with seaside towns: Split, Zadarem (ok. 50 kn), Rijeka or Pula. From the local connections, the trips to Trakoschan are noteworthy (a dozen a day) and Varaždin Spa (do 10 daily). Bus Station (tel.042/407888) it is close to the center, at ul. Zrinski and Frankopan. There is an open luggage storage facility on the premises 6.00-22.00 (5 kn / day).

Trains run, among others. to Zagreb (more than 10 calls a day; 47 kn) and Rijeka (do 7 connections; 112-127 kn), you can also get to Koprivnica (ok. 10 connections; 47 kn) and next – to Osijek (ok. 10 connections; 81 kn) or to Budapest via Nagykanizsa. Railway station (the. Kolodvorska 17, tel.060/333444) is located approx. 500 m east of the center; access via ul. Cesarca and Kolodvorska. Luggage storage is open 24 hours a day (10 kn / day).

Parking lots are on the edge of the old town: at the Slobode Trogue, Capuchin Square and Ban Jelacic Square (close to the castle).

Orientation and information

Old town, pedestrianized, it is a rather chaotic arrangement of streets and squares, the most important of which is Trg kralja Tomislav (Promenade). Turwietna Tourist Board (the. Padovćeva 3, tel.042/ 210987,; IV-X pn.-pt. 8.00-18.00, sb. 9.00- 13.00, XI — III 8.00—16.00) provides comprehensive information about the city and offers brochures all over the country.

Money can be exchanged at both stations and in the center (post office, banki, exchange offices). Main post office (pn. — sb. 7.00—21.00) is located at Trgu slobode 9.

Varażdin on the Internet:

There are plenty of affordable eateries in the center. A market is open until the early afternoon hours near the Trg Jelacić.


Hotel Turist (al. King Zvonimir 19, tel.042/395395, fax 214479, 250 places; restaurant. 27—40 € / os. in a double room. (with breakfast).

Hotel Garestin (the. Zagrebaćka 34, tel./fax 042/214314, Close to the bus station. Comfortable rooms with bathrooms and TV, at location
restaurant. 25-30 € / os. in a double room. (with breakfast).

Private accommodation Biuro T-Tours (the. Gundulić 2, tel.042/210989, fax 210990,, 18-43 € / double room.


Walking around the city usually starts on Trgu slobode (parking, closest to stations). At its northern end there is the church of St.. Nicholas (church of st. Nicholas) with a characteristic red spire. The baroque temple was built in 1761 r. by M. Mayerhofera i A. Pocha.

Walking from here along ul. Draskovic, after a while you come to the elongated Franjev légro, where you can see an interesting Entomological Collection – ok. 4500 various insects and herbarium (Entomological collection; Franciscan Square 6, tel.042/210474; wt.-pt. 10.00-15.00, sb. i nd. 10.00—13.00). There is a monument to Grgur Ninski nearby – a copy of the famous work of Ivan Meśtrovic (original in split). To ensure your well-being, it is worth touching the big toe of the 10th century bishop. Next to it is the Franciscan Church of St.. John the Baptist (church of st. John the Baptist) and a pharmacy decorated with 18th-century frescoes. Kuća Ritz can be distinguished among the interesting buildings at the square (dom Ritz), na rogu, with Renaissance arcades, and Kuća Mrazović situated opposite, A sixteenth-century merchant house restored in the nineteenth century, with a beautiful arcaded gallery from the courtyard side. Behind them, Franjevaćki trg turns into the transverse main Trg kralja Tomislav. At its end there is a town hall with a tower topped with a green spire. It fulfills its function from 1523 r.; w 1776 r. a fire consumed him, after which it was rebuilt in the early classical style. On the other side of the square, there are early-baroque buildings of the former Jesuit monastery (later the Pauline Fathers). Next to, at ul. Pavlinska, you can see the former monastery church, currently the Cathedral of the Ascension of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Cathedral of St.. Mary taken to heaven) with 1646 r. The front features a stone portal with the Draśkovice coat of arms and a large stucco image of the Holy Trinity under the gable.

Leaving Trg kralja Tomislava down L. Gaja (next to the town hall), gets to ul. Бакаћева. From here, you can go right to the Lisak Tower (Lisak Tower), the only remnant of the defensive walls, a left – do Trgu M. Stanćića and the Old and New Masters Gallery (Gallery of old and new masters; Trg M. Stancic 3, tel.42/214172; wt.-pt. 10.00-14.00, sb. i nd. 10.00-13.00) in the rococo palace of Sermage z 1759 r., stylized as a half-timbered building. Inside there is a collection of paintings by European painters.

On the other side of the square, at the exit of ul. Padovac's house is standing (judgment) Under the blue horse (currently the seat of the tourist information office), so named after the blue horse sculpture adorning it. To come to the castle – massive white building in the park, on the outskirts of the old town – you have to go further down the street and turn right. The castle was founded in the 14th century., but only in the next century did it gain a defensive character. Completed in the middle. round towers, characteristic of medieval fortresses in this part of Croatia. W 1925 r. inside, the City Museum was arranged (City Museum; Strossmayer Promenade 7, tel.042/210399; wt.-pt. 10.00-15.00, sb. i nd. 10.00-13.00) with an exhibition of furniture, weapons etc.. It is worth taking a walk on the earth embankments around the fortress.

Active recreation

About 5 km from the center of Varażdin, along the road to Koprzywnica there is Lake Brigadirsko, also known as Varazdinsko more. The Aquacity recreation and sports complex has been arranged on the shore (departure from the city along the road towards Koprzywnica, from which you should turn left at the signpost; the parking lot is located next to the Aquacity restaurant). The complex has a bathing area and beaches, on which he even rests on hot summer days 6 thousand. people. They can use canoe and pedal boat rentals, playgrounds and tennis courts.

Cyclical events

The biggest event of the Varazdin carnival is the ball in the local theater (II), with 18th-century costumes and customs. In the spring, the International Jazz Festival is organized (V). In summer, the city hosts Ljeto u Varaźdin events: jazz concerts, rock or classical music, movie screenings, as well as festivities, such as Loncharijada – demonstrations of pottery works and techniques. In early July you can hit the Varazdin Blues festival, and at the end of the month – for concerts of the Srebrna cesta singers. In July, a two-day historical festival is also organized. Every year in September, the festival Varazdinskie Baroque Evenings takes place, one of the most important cultural events of the country.

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