In Orebic, situated on the southern coast of the Peljesac peninsula between Korcula and Ploće, there are much nicer beaches than in Korcula, located at a distance 2,5 km on the other side of the isthmus. Convenient ferry connections with Korcula make, that Orebić is a great destination for both a day trip, as well as for a longer stay. All buses to / from Dubrovnik or Zagreb pass through the city.

Sightseeing and hiking tours

East of the port, O 2 km of walking along a little busy road running by the sea, there is a beautiful beach. An asphalt path that starts at the Bellevue Hotel leads up the hill, where the old Franciscan monastery stands. The monastery deserves a visit, and the views from above reward the effort of climbing.

The trip to the top of Mount Ilija is a bit more difficult (961 m), peg, gray massif, which rises above Orebic. A three-hour hike, leading through dense vegetation, starts from Krajla Tomislava Street (next to the cathedral, near the port) and is marked with red and white circles or red arrows. Second, the slightly more difficult trail to Mount Ilija starts at the Franciscan monastery. The last one 30 min is a hike on a very steep stool, and the end of the trail requires the use of hands in some places. The trail is safe and well marked, but you have to be careful, so as not to get lost in the vicinity of the summit, because there is no mountain emergency here. From the top of the mountain there is a view of the entire surrounding coast.

Accommodation and gastronomy

Orebic Tourist Office (tel.713014) located next to the post office near the ferry (IV-IX). The friendly staff will help you find private accommodation, also offers city maps. If the tourist information office is closed, you just have to look for houses with sobe signs, and there will be something for sure.

Autocamp main beach (tel.713399) lies in the distance 15 min walk from the port along the sea. There are several other campsites close to Orebic, but in low season it is necessary to check in advance with the tourist office, are they open. These are: kemping Orebić (tel.713324), Trstenica (tel.713348) and Bor (tel.713357). You can also go to campsites further afield, in the village of Kućiśte – kempingi Antony Boy (tel.719077), Bern (tel.719244) and Palma (tel.719164); w Viganju – Plaza (tel.719164) and Liberan (tel.719164) and in Mokalo – Adriatic (tel.713420). Camping Perna is especially recommended by tourists, which apart from the picturesque location, view of the town of Korcula and crystal clear waters in the sea, offers new sanitary facilities with hot water around the clock, refrigerators for rent and similar luxuries; the prices are very encouraging: ok. 6 $ for the car, tent and 2 persons.

If you arrive in the late afternoon by bus from Dubrovnik, it is good to spend the night in Orebic and take the morning ferry to Korcula. Orebić, however, deserves a few days' stay, especially if you like hiking or you love beaches.


Two ferry ports and the bus station in Orebic lie next to each other. The bus runs from Orebic to Dubrovnik (113 km, 6 $) in the morning and returns in the afternoon. 3 There is a bus to Trpanja times a day, a do Loviśta (16 km) 2 times a day. Additional information about buses and ferries in the Korcula part.

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