Novigrad – Story – Sightseeing

A town on a peninsula (once on an island – the isthmus separating it from the mainland was filled in only in the 18th century.) founded by the Romans. The settlement in the 5th century was called Neapolis, …

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Pula – Communication – Accommodation

Pazin was established as the administrative capital of Istria, but there is no doubt, that the most important is Pula, with a population of 60,000, on the south-eastern tip of the peninsula. It is also a tourist center, industrial and large communication center, probably the oldest …

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On the northwestern tip of Istria, Savudrija is located almost on the border of Slovenia – a typical tourist town, considered by some to be a suburb of Umag. Tourists flock to it in large numbers, appreciating the warm sea, plaże i

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The main attractions of Istria:

• The Pula Amphitheater – A well-preserved building from the 1st century, the sixth largest Roman amphitheater. It is most interesting during summer evening concerts.

• Bazylika

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