The island of Rab (pow. 93,6 km2) is one of the most beautiful islands in the Adriatic, and at the same time one of the sunniest places in Europe. The northeastern part of the island is bare and rocky, and the south-west is covered with pine forests. High mountains protect the island of Rab from cold winds from the north and east.

The medieval town of Rab was built on a narrow peninsula, southernmost, adjoined by sheltered bays. Old stone buildings adjoin the slope of a high cliff overlooking the harbor. For several centuries, the city belonged to Venice, by w w XIX w. come under Austrian rule.

To this day, German is heard on a par with Croatian all over the island. All, which involves staying here – that is, transport, accommodation and food – it is very expensive. However, it is worth visiting the island and the city, if only because of the very convenient location between Krk and Zadar, not to mention the beauty of the place itself.


The bus station is located at the back of the new shopping mall, opposite the Mer-lcur department store, 5 min on foot from the old town. The large Jadrolinija ferries dock at the Riva Hotel in the old town.

Although there is an inscription wardrobe at the bus station (luggage storage), it cannot be used for too long, because the station is only open for a few hours.


Turist Biro is located on the Arba Municipium, opposite the post office in the old town. The post office is open Mon-Sat. 7.00-20.00. Area code for the island of Rab: 051.


Four tall church towers rise above the roofs of the red-tiled houses. Going north from the monastery of St.. Anthony (with 1115 r.) along Rade Konćara street you will reach the Romanesque cathedral, with a terrace overlooking the sea. A bit further, Behind a tall Romanesque tower and another monastery, there is another terrace, and right next to it, the church of St.. Justyna (XVI w.) currently serving as a small museum of sacred art. Right behind the next chapel you can see a small gate, through which you enter the park. Next to it are the ruins of a Benedictine monastery from the 11th century.

Rade Konćara Street ends at the northern part of the city walls - from here there is a wonderful view of the city, the bay, sea ​​and hill. The panorama is especially beautiful just after sunset. To the north of the walls there is an extensive city park with numerous, shaded paths – perfect place for a walk.

Cyclical events

Trade fairs are held on the island every year (25-27 VII) and Music Evenings (VI-IX).


Camping – The cheapest accommodation on the island of Rab can be found heading south along the seashore. After approx 25 min walk to Autocamp Padova (tel.724355) in Banjol (3 $ from person, 1,50 $ for the tent). In this area, among the trees next to the campsite, you can pitch a tent away from the hustle and bustle and caravans. The beach is right below this place.

Private accommodation – Several agencies rent private rooms, m.in. Turist Bureau of Palit (IV-X) and Christopher Tourist Bureau (both located close to the bus station). If these were closed, you can try Arba Tours behind the bus station, Mer-kurtourist next to a supermarket by the sea and Turist biro at Arba Municipium. The official price is for a single room- and a double room of the 1st category with bathroom 15 $ i 24 $ w VII and VIII (13 $ i 19$ in VI and IX, 11 $ i 16 $ for the remainder of the year). One room- and double, category III, pay in VII and VIII 10 $ i 14 $ (cheaper for the rest of the year). When staying to 3 days are added additionally 30% prices. Some agencies do not charge taxes and additional fees during periods, when there is little traffic.

At the bus station, tourists can be approached by women offering private accommodation, generally affordable.

Hotele – Hotel International (tel.711266), standing next to Korzo, right on the bay, offers single rooms- and doubles with bathroom and breakfast after 27 $ i 40 $ in VI and IX, in summer, prices are a bit higher. If you put up with the prices, the hotel makes a nice impression. To all official accommodation prices must be added 1 $ per person per night as part of the tourist tax”.


One of the few restaurants in Rab with an outdoor menu is Alibaba, located on Ivana Lole Ribara Street in the old town. It's not cheap there, but you can count on a large selection of seafood dishes, in addition, it is considered the best place in the city among the residents.

At the Merkur department store cafeteria, next to the bus station, the prices of the drinks are displayed, and dishes of grilled meat can be enjoyed in the dining room. There is a good supermarket in the basement of Merkur, where you can stock up on groceries.


Bus – The surest way to get to the island of Rab is by taking one of the two buses, running daily between Rab and Rijeka (115 km, 10 $). There is also a direct bus from Zagreb to Rab during the tourist season (211 km, 5 at, 18 $). Because sometimes the buses are overcrowded, it is worth buying tickets in advance. There is no direct bus service from Rab to Zadar. Take the bus to Zagreb or Rijeka and get off in Jablanac (3,50 $), through which buses go in the direction of Zadar. Getting from Zadar to Rab is much more difficult, because buses from Jablanac to Rab rarely run.

All local agencies have bus and ferry timetables posted in the offices.

Prom – Ferries from Baška on the island of Krk to Lopar on the northern tip of the island of Rab run 3-4 times a day from the 6th-half of the 9th (6 $).

If you don't go by direct bus from / to Rijeka or Zagreb, getting by ferry from Jablanac to Miśnjak on the island of Rab, which runs quite frequently throughout the year, can be a bit problematic. Jablanac is located 4 km from the main road Rijeka-Split (all the time down). There is no local bus service from Meissen to the town of Rab (11 km).

Large Jadrolinija ferries, sailing along the coast between Rijeka and Dubrovnik, they generally stop at Rab a few times a week. It is definitely the easiest, although not the cheapest way to get to the island. On the way north, ferries land on the island in the middle of the night, and when there are bad weather conditions, they don't stop at all.

In summer, you can go on a day trip by boat to the island of Losinj (1 or 2 times a week, 17 $ round-trip).


The bus from Lopar to the town of Rab stops at Pizzeri Aloha, in front of the small boat dock, ok. 300 m from the place where the ferries land. The stop is not marked, so you have to ask for it. Co 1 or 2 at. a bus departs from there to the town of Rab (12 km). Sobe signs are usually found on a few houses in the area. Camping Rajska Plaża (also called San Marino) lies approx. 3 km south of the ferry, on the other side of the peninsula.


The coastal section between Rijeka and Zadar, sheltered from the sea by the islands of Krk, Rab and Pag, it is exceptionally picturesque – the steep slopes of the high mountains rise straight from the sea. Many side paths depart from the main road, sloping towards the sea and often leading to small cozy campsites, situated by charming coves.


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