Trogir is picturesque, medieval city by the sea, lying 20 km west of Split. It is worth stopping in this charming place on the way to / from Zadar. A day trip to Trogir from Split can be easily combined with a visit to the Roman ruins in Solina.

The old part of Trogir is situated on a small island, in a narrow channel between the island of Eiovo and the mainland, near the coastal road. Most of the sights can be roughly seen during a 15-minute walk around the city. The nearest beach is 4 km to the west, next to the Medena hotel.


The heart of the old town is a few minutes' walk from the bus station. After crossing a small bridge near the train station, you have to go through the North Gate. The most beautiful monuments of Trogir are located around the Narodni trg square, on its left side.

There is no left-luggage office at the Trogir bus station. If you want to explore the city during a stopover, you must take your luggage with you.


The Turist Biro in front of the cathedral, you can buy maps of the area. Dialing code for Trogir: 021.


The most beautiful element of the three-nave, the Venetian Cathedral of St.. Lovro at Narodni trg, is the Romanesque portal of 1240 r. – the work of master Rado-van, depicting Adam and Eve. Inside the church (entry through inconspicuous, back door) it is worth paying attention to the magnificent, the renaissance chapel of St.. Ivana, presbytery, ammonia, ciborium and treasury. You can even go up the church tower, from which there are wonderful views. There is a town hall with pretty ones next to the National Park, Gothic stairs and a Renaissance loggia.


Camping Rozac is located on the island of Eiovo (connected with Trogir by a bridge). From the bus station you go there 30 min or by bus, going to Okrug. Medena Camping (tel.894141) lies approx. 4 km west of Trogir, not far from the road leading to Zadar. Before setting off there, make sure the tourist office is open.

Private accommodation – If you want to stay in Trogir, Turist Biro in front of the cathedral will find rooms for you for the price 11 $ i 18$ for a single and double room (30% cheaper, if the stay is longer than 4 days).


Buses from Zadar to the south stop in Trogir (130 km). Traveling north by bus may be more difficult, because a full set of passengers often travel from Split.

City bus #37 runs between Trogir and Split (28 km) co 20 min during the day, on the way stopping at the airport in Split. If you are going on a day trip to Trogir by bus #37, buy a return ticket to Split, because the ticket office in Trogir bus station is often closed. If necessary, you can buy a ticket from the driver.

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